Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY CrossFit Workout: Round Two

I got a lot of great feedback from the first CrossFit workout blog post (posted in January- check it out!) so I figured I’d post this workout as well to give you same variety! Like I said, I only attended 2 CrossFit classes that were bootcamp-style (not geared towards heavy-lifting) and I absolutely loved them! I set up these workouts on my own… for FREE with equipment found at my gym (or found at home if you have a few weights)- and you should too!! This is an awesome total-body workout that will target all of your problem areas. You'll work up a sweat, trust me!
Ready to tackle at At-Home Workout!

The concept of this workout is to perform workouts A through G, completing 3 SETS of “1 & 2”, then RUNNING 3 LAPS to complete each workout. (When I do this workout at home, my "3 Laps" consist of burpees, jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kicks. Anything to get your heart going!)
 For example with Group A: after doing 50 mountain climbers, 15 dead lifts, 50 mountain climbers, 15 dead lifts, 50 mountain climbers, 15 dead lifts, then 3 laps… you have completed Group “A”! Get it? The goal of the workout is to complete it as fast as you can. Try recording your times and work on cutting a few seconds off each time!
CrossFit Workout
Get your heart rate going! Run a few laps, do a few series of burpees, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, squat jumps... whatever your little heart desires. Just get WARM.

1.      50 Mountain Climbers
2.     15 Dead Lifts
 I do my mountain climbers right next to a barbell so that the transition time is quick. Each time you drive a knee in towards your stomach, it counts for "1". Right, Left would be "2". Do 50! For Dead Lifts: Depending on your level, add weight the the bar. Lifting the bar alone is enough for me! Keep a slight bend in your knees and target your glutes. If you're doing this at home, use a kettlebell or free weights- same idea!

1.       50 Bicycle Crunches
2.       15 KB Goblet Squats
 ...You better know what a bicycle crunch is. :) "KB" is for kettlebell: hold the bell part with the handle sticking out away from your body- squat normally like you are going to sit in a chair! Increase the weight of the kettlebell as possible. We used 25lbs at CrossFit- start where you can.

1.       10 & 10 Side Planks/Hip Lifts
 2.      15 Pull-Ups
 Do 10 side-planks on each side (lowering your hip to the ground and back up in line with your body), then 15 Pull-Ups or as many as you can! I use a weighted assist of 100 lbs. because I clearly cannot do them on my own. Make it work and make adjustments for yourself! ... Not to mention you repeat this circuit 3 times...

1.       10 TRX Knee Tucks
2.       10 & 10 DB Arm Row
 If you don't have TRX bands (I don't!) you can modify this by using a yoga ball, as pictured in the January post of CrossFit workout #1.  With your feet on the ball and your hands in push-up position, drive your knees into your chest. Arm rows are best done with a slight bend in the knee. With one hand rowing a dumbbell up and back, put your other hand on your knee to stabilize yourself
1.       20 Sit-Ups
2.       10 & 10 Arm DB Pass/ Shoulder Pass
 Standard sit-ups for this circuit! All the way up, all the way down. Don't forget to breathe! The Dumbbell pass goes like this: Holding it in your right hand, press it up to the ceiling, then bring it back down to shoulder level and pass the dumbbell to your left hand, pressing it again towards the ceiling on your left side. Complete 10 on each side for 20 total, once again using a weight you can tolerate.

1.       15 Bosu Supermans
2.       20 KB Swings
The supermans can be done on a Bosu ball (the "cut-in-half" yoga balls) or simply on the floor. Kettlebell swings are done by squatting with the kettlebell between your legs, and swinging it up to shoulder level as you stand up. You'll feel this puppy in your back!

1.       20 Band Skiers
2.       10 Hand-Release Push-Ups
Use a band secured around anything stable... a bar of the weight rack, a railing, etc. As you squat, pull the band down and back past your butt, as if you were cross country skiing.Hand-release push-ups are done by doing a standard push-up but instead of pressing back up, stop at the bottom, release your hands off the ground, then place them back in push-up position to press up and complete the push up.

Finally…. You are done. 
I hope you try your best to complete it- you will be so proud of yourself! Enjoy it and sweat it out.

<3 Morgan