Sunday, September 8, 2013

World's Best Fruit & Protein Shake

After just devouring one of these shakes, I figured it was about time to blog about it! If you've read my blog you know how obsessed I am with protein shakes... and yes, they are often the highlight of my day. Especially when I decide to make them with frozen fruit! There is nothing better than coming home after a sweaty workout to a delicious, refreshing, thick-milkshake-like treat... that is healthy! Perfect combination :)
Blueberry Banana Pineapple Protein Shake
Using frozen fruit makes the shake have ice-cream consistency which makes it so satisfying. I cannot stand watery smoothies, yuck. You can use any fruit! My staple is a half frozen banana. Buy a few extra bananas at the grocery store and when they are ripe, peel them, slice them into a few pieces, and freeze them in a tupperware lined with wax paper. This makes it super easy and convenient!
You can find frozen fruit in your grocery store's frozen section. I prefer buying it frozen anyway- you don't have to worry about the fruit going bad and wasting money! There is an example of how I slice of banana up. This week was the first time I tossed frozen pineapple in there.... umm YUM!
The only other ingredients you need!
So lets get started. Depending on the amount of frozen fruit you are using, use more or less ice cubes. Only use a few splashes of almond milk and add more as you need it!
When you add the ingredients to your blender, add them in this order:
- ice cubes (on the bottom)
- frozen fruit
- protein powder
- greek yogurt
- stevia packet
-  unsweetened almond milk
Blend your shake on high starting with the "ice crush" button. Once your smoothie looks consistent, use the "liquify" button and stir if needed! This whole process takes 3 minutes. It is my favorite snack of the day so I URGE you to try one of these recipes! Also, this makes a great BREAKFAST! When I'm making this for breakfast, I only use 1/3 or 1/2 scoop of protein so it isn't so filling (plus I ususally end up having more protein powder throughout the day. You don't need too much!)

Blueberry Banana Pineapple Protein Shake
(pictured above)
- 3 ice cubes
- 1/2 frozen banana
- 1/3 c. frozen blueberries
- 1/3 c. frozen pineapple
- 1 plain nonfat Greek yogurt
- 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
- 1 packet stevia
- splashes of unsweetened almond milk
(This also tastes great with the blueberries alone. Use whatever you have on hand or try a different frozen fruit each week. Find your favorite combo!)

Banana Chocolate Protein Shake
- 3-5 ice cubes
- 1 frozen banana
- 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
- 1 plain nonfat Greek yogurt
- 1 packet stevia
- splashes of unsweetened almond milk

Rocky Road Protein Shake
- 6 ice cubes
- 1 scoop Rocky Road protein powder
- 1 plain nonfat Greek yogurt
- 1 packet stevia
- splashes of unsweetened almond milk
(Try ANY protein flavor with this combo! The greek yogurt just adds extra protein and extra healthy calories if you are looking for more of a "meal" after a workout compared to a snack. I love Optimum Nutrition! Other flavors I've enjoyed are chocolate mint, graham cracker, cookies & cream, the list goes on.)

This is my "is it protein time yet?" face :)
So go DOMINATE an awesome workout and sprint home to treat yourself to a delicious protein shake! You already know how beneficial protein is in muscle recovery (and is the best source of calories after a workout) so go indulge and enjoy every bite!

Lets get healthy!
<3 Morgan