Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healthy Meal Ideas (and what to do with the leftovers!)

I always find it hard to find healthy (affordable) meal ideas that aren't repetitive! I get sick of eating the same thing every day, which is why I wanted to write about a few of my ideas for meals, along with some ideas of other meals you can make with the same ingredients!

Lets begin with eggs :) Eggs are an excellent source of protein (perfect to go along with your workout routine!) and I find them delicious and nutritious!Adding in some veggies makes it more flavorful, healthy, and filling! I eat these for either breakfast, lunch, OR dinner!! Here is what you need for this meal: 2 Eggs, Peppers, Spinach, 2% Shredded Cheese, Skim Milk, and some seasoning (I like garlic powder and pepper), and some deli Turkey- my favorite is Santa Fe turkey breast, it adds some great flavor!
I never get sick of this meal!
How To: Heat your pan to medium heat, use a dash of olive oil cooking spray (PAM) and toss in some spinach and diced peppers (I used orange and red peppers above). I like to use a dash of garlic powder to give it some flavor! Scramble one whole egg and one egg white with a dash of skim milk in bowl, and add it to the pan to start cookin'. Scramble it up, and when they are almost done cooking, add in some pieces of Sante Fe Turkey (or whatever turkey floats your boat) and 1/8 cup of shredded 2% cheese. Sometimes I put salsa on the side, and this makes for a DELICIOUS and filling meal!

Other snack and meal ideas from these ingredients: Peppers & hummus for snack, Turkey sandwiches with 100 calorie "Sandwich Thins", Spinach salads with turkey and olive oil&vinegar dressing!


Moving on to my favorite.. Mexican :) Last week I noticed I had leftover 6" whole grain corn tortillas from a recipe I had tried, so I decided to save some money and use them up instead of throwing them away! I always use black beans and corn for my mexican-inspired recipes, so of course I used them as I created this meal! What you need: 2 whole grain 6" corn tortillas, salsa (my FAV is Newman's Own Medium Pineapple Salsa), spinach, a can of black beans, a can of corn, and 2% shredded cheese, and a toaster oven or oven! The nice thing about this meal is that all of the ingredients will last you for a few days, giving you many meals for an affordable price! See below for more meal ideas so you don't get sick of the same thing!
a whole bunch of YUM
How To: set your oven to around 350 degrees (I used my mini toaster oven), and spread salsa on each corn tortilla. Drain your cans of black beans and corn, and I like to rinse and strain them to try to get all of the chemicals/preservatives off! After layering a few spinach leaves on the salsa, add some corn, black beans, and 2% shredded cheese, and bake in the oven until the tortillas are desirably crisp on the edges, around ten minutes.

Other ideas... To add in some protein, I like to cook a chicken breast with a little PAM spray, and I add in part of a packet of Taco Seasoning to give it some real mexican flavor. I love making a spinach salad with black beans and corn, some turkey breast, and olive oil & vinegar dressing.

My advice to you: get creative with all of your healthy foods! Mix them together and find new, delicious combinations! Throw in some veggies to boost your nutrients! And don't forget to enjoy :)


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