Friday, May 4, 2012

My New Obsession: Muscle Milk

For the last year, I have been trying to improve my workout habits, and now I have finally jumped on the bandwagon............... of Muscle Milk. Boy oh boy is it delicious. I figured that if I truly want to take my fitness practices to the next level, I might as well try good ole fashion Muscle Milk to help increase my protein intake.
Chocolate Mint= d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.
I have only been drinking it for about a week, so I have yet to report any noticeable results, but I have begun increasing my strength training in hopes of "toning up" for the Miss Massachusetts Pageant, which is already less than 2 months away!

But back to Muscle Milk. I was that type of person that first of all, didn't want to "bulk up" and second of all, didn't want to drink "gross, chalky" protein powder. A friend of mine gave me a sample of her Chocolate Mint Muscle Milk to try, and I was SO hesitant. I let it sit in my cupboard for a week or two, until I finally gave in and tried it......... and I am so glad I did. YUM. All I had to do was combine it with some water and ice in a blender and it tasted like a frosty, delicious, 150 calorie milkshake that just happened to have 16 grams of protein in it :) So I bought some for myself and have enjoyed it after every workout!!! I literally look forward to finishing my workout strong so that I can come home to enjoy the goodness of my Muscle Milk. That held true today as well:
assembling the goods. blend baby blend
creamy & delicious goodness
the moment has finally arrived: DRINK IT DOWN
this girl is all smiles after a nice & sweaty workout!
So if I haven't already inspired you, TRY MUSCLE MILK!!! Even if you are just looking for a healthy "milkshake" snack. If you are really looking to increase your protein intake and want to tone up those muscles, I have seen countless examples of how Muscle Milk can help... and hopefully I will be the next example of that! So blend it up, drink it down, and enjoy :)


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