Monday, December 10, 2012

Give The Gift of HEALTH!

Okay, well maybe you can't exactly give health as a gift, but you sure can give gifts to motivate your loved one to be healthy! For all those health freaks out there like myself, what else could be better than receiving a gift to enhance your health and well being?

- Workout Clothes. This is a good place to start. At least from a girl's prospective, I know that having cute or new workout clothing motivates me to get up, wear them, and get in a killer workout. And for the guys out there, if you are still wearing your high school gym shorts... its time to upgrade. Maybe you'll meet a gem at the gym. You never know?! Why not look cute while gettin a sweat on? ;) Check out Target, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls for good deals on good clothing.

-Gym Membership. Well, this would be a good one to ask Mom, Dad, or Santa for! What better way to stay in shape?! If you read my last post, you saw my recommendation to check out Groupon/ GILT/ etc. to find gym membership or fitness class package deals. This is a great way to save money! If you're a college student, stop by your gym on campus (where your membership will be free).

-Under Armour for a chilly run. Girls and Guys alike! What workout fanatic doesn't like some good, comfy workout clothing?! Okay, yes, they are even good for being lazy in :) Might as well toss in a running headband and gloves to complete the "outdoor run" look!

-Running Shoes or a Giftcard. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say that they're excited to go for a run.... but first they need new running shoes. Stop putting this off (because otherwise you will never go for a run) and get this on your Christmas list! Running shoes are a runner's ONLY piece of equipment, so invest some effort into buying them. Go to a running store (I love South Boston Running Emporium ) and have them fit you for shoes. Buying the correct size/width/shape/fit is crucial to save your feet and joints from damage.

-Water bottle. Save the Earth! (or shall I say "World Peace"?) Eliminate waste and increase your water consumption by adding this to your wishlist!

-Registration into a race! I like this idea, haha. Typically races range from $20-$50 from what I've found, but it is an amazing experience, usually benefiting a great cause.... and you will get a free t-shirt (my fav part). This will motivate you to begin or continue training up until your race day.

Other general ideas: workout videos (love Jillian Michaels/ Insanity/ P90X), workout books, a magazine subscription (I love SELF Magazine), free weights, kettle bells, headbands, a tub of Muscle Milk (YUM), yoga mat.... the list goes on! Get creative!

Thanks to my bestie Svenja for inspiring me to write about Runner/Workoutaholic gifts :)


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