Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stay on Track: Meal Prep!

Today I thought I would share a little motivation about a very valuable lesson I've learned this year. And guess what? It is all about FOOD!

Food. We all love it. Who doesn't? It is always on our minds: What am I hungry for? When can I eat next? What should we have for dinner tonight? As someone who has adjusted to a lifestyle of eating every 2 hours, I'm always thinking about what I'll be eating next, however this past year has taught me a lot about exactly what I SHOULD be eating next. You all know that I have that bizarre "I LOVE TO WORKOUT" bug in my system, but after adjusting my lifestyle and planning my meals, I've reached so many more goals. Hence this blog:

Meal prep at its finest :)
 Nutrition is SO important! Of course, balancing a healthy diet and exercise regimen is the key to success, but like they say: "abs are built in the kitchen". If you want to see serious results, an occasional gym session won't be enough. Commit yourself entirely and hop on the healthy-meal bandwagon. This blog is FULL of nutritious ideas!

As I was inspired to blog about this today, I happened to be "meal-prepping" for my next endeavor: the Miss Massachusetts Pageant- THIS WEEKEND! Today called for some intense cooking, as we "move-in" to our hotel tomorrow to begin Miss Mass Week: rehearsals, appearances, interviews, and competition! Keeping my tummy happy is crucial for me, in order to keep my brain happy, my dancer feet happy, you get it. :)
protein, almonds, stevia, here we go!
If you're looking for even more motivation to start meal-prepping, let me tell you my mini-success-story! Two years ago I really began my "healthy transformation" and much of this was trial and error. For example, eating sugary bowls of cereal for dinner was "healthy" to me at one time (bet you'll even find it on my earliest blog posts!). I started working out more, saw results, then seemed stuck. That is when I realized I needed to continue making adjustments to my diet to continue striving for a nutritious lifestyle. It is KEY to make slow, gradual changes to your diet... in my experience, drastic changes typically end in failure because it doesn't seem approachable or realistic for your body to maintain. If you slowly trick your body into a healthy lifestyle, it will respond, and thank you! So anyway.... I began kicking breads and pastas out of my diet (again, this whole transformation is scattered throughout my blog) and 3 months ago I began training with RX Strength Training of Somerville, Massachusetts. This is when I stepped up the intensity even more and meal preparation became my best friend. I would take 2 chicken breasts out of the freezer every night (which I individually bagged after buying fresh chicken breasts), and I would hard boil my eggs in the morning, cook my chicken, pack my raw almonds and greens, and go on with my busy lifestyle. For example... I was eating a homemade chicken, spinach, and broccoli salad yesterday... in the movie theater. Below you'll find me with my protein shake, water bottle, and salad... on my way to the Luke Bryan concert. Like I said, meal prep has been my best friend.
Thaw overnight, cook in the morning. You're good to go!
chicken for days (literally)
Once I began this, I started seeing the best results I've ever had in my life. After intense workouts and strict dedication to my nutrition, lower carbs, and no cheat meals for 5 weeks, I saw my body fat percentage drop from 21.5% in April, to 14.4% today, at the end of June! In only 3 months I came that far! All of my crazy meal-prep paid off, and I will keep doing this for as long as I need to. I've never felt healthier, happier, or more confident and energetic! Hope that inspires you: you CAN do whatever you set your mind to! Avoid McDonalds. Say goodbye to Dunkin Donuts breakfast bacon, egg & cheese. Start your new life, and make it a healthy one! Prep those meals, treat yourself once in a while, and be so proud of yourself!
Morgan + Protein Shaker + Tupperware Salad= BFFs
Easy ways to incorporate meal-prep into your life:
- do one large cooking session on Sunday nights, prep for the week
- when cooking dinner each night, cook extra and have that for your lunch the following day
- whatever works for your lifestyle! 

 You can take anything on the go. However, if you're spending the time to do this, make sure you are making smart choices! Think of things you don't mind reheated (or cold), and find a fridge where you work or bring a cold-pack like I do! ...And PLEASE don't forget to eat breakfast. So important.

- salads (keep the dressing on the side in a mini tupperware)
- sweet potatoes          - greek yogurt (pack cinnamon & stevia)         
- raw veggies          - fresh fruit
- chicken breasts (obviously what I do!)          - raw almonds
- hard boiled eggs
- protein shakes          -snacks fit for your nutrition goals
- water, water, water, water, water. go green, buy a water bottle
- don't forget silverware!
broccoli, protein, mmmmm :)
There you have it, meal preparation at its finest!! Remember, everything you put in your mouth contributes to your health. You can do this!
<3 Morgan


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