Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is "Fit for Success?"

When creating the title of my blog, I couldn't help but name it "Fit for Success." Currently, this has a lot of meaning to me! I am running for Miss Boston 2012 in only 26 days, and "Fit for Success" is my platform. Each candidate in the Miss America Organization has a cause in which they promote throughout their year, and since I am so passionate about making America a healthier place, I knew I had to chose this as my platform. Fit for Success is a program that aims to teach children and teens the importance of living a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. Regular exercise and proper nutrition will make you feel better on the inside and outside, leading to more confidence and self esteem which can lead to further success. As a (hopeful) Miss Boston, I plan to go to schools to inspire children to make healthful choices through Fit for Success! Take the stairs, play games with your friends, and grab and apple with peanut butter instead of a candy bar! Motivate your parents to buy delicious fruits and vegetables instead of chips! Obesity is far too prevalent in American society today... in 2010, no state had an obesity rate of less than 20% (Massachusetts' obesity rate is 22.2%!). 12.5 million children are currently obese in America, and I feel it is my job to begin making a difference. I hope to reach many people through this blog, and hope to be Miss Boston to have a louder voice in educating America about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to make people feel better about themselves!!!

The time to enhance your lifestyle is NOW! So, what are you waiting for? Get Fit for Success!!


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