Thursday, February 9, 2012

Protein, Protein, Protein

The 'magical' ingredient for building long, lean muscles? PROTEIN! Now, I admit it, I wasn't a protein-believer until recently. I was annoyed of the crazy protein craze and watching men chug Muscle Milk after a workout.. icky and chalky! But now that I've given into the protein craze, I honestly see a difference! Which is why I felt I should talk about protein today :)

Obviously it is very important to eat from every food group, every day. I spoke with a personal trainer earlier this month, and she suggested incorporating protein into every meal of the day, while balancing it with other food groups! It is also good to enjoy protein after a workout. This doesn't mean you need to give into the big-body-bulk powders, milks, and shakes. I've found several ways to add extra protein to my diet, and it is all delicious! Some examples.........

- Chobani/Greek Yogurt (my new favorite; stir it well!)
- Luna Bars (delicious, nutritious, and 10 g of not-chalky protein!)
- Peanut Butter
- Eggs and Egg Whites
- Milk (I love a glass of Chocolate Milk after a good workout!)
- Lean Chicken, Turkey (grill it, stir fry, toss on a salad)
- Cottage Cheese
-Hummus (has a small amount! spread it on your favorite sandwich or with veggies!)
-Whey/Soy Protein Smoothies (easy to make at home!)
- Nuts (in moderation!)
- Beans (throw it on a salad or make some healthy chili)

YOU NAME IT! Come up with your own favorite combinations for each meal! I always "treat" myself to my favorite yogurt after my workouts, and even have eggs for dinner to mix things up. Incorporating every food group into your diet is crucial, because you are constantly confusing your body's digestive system. The more confused it is, the harder it has to work, the more calories you burn, the longer you stay full :) Cool, huh? If you are interested in any other protein combos, comment here!

Let me know what you come up with!
Morgan :)

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