Monday, April 2, 2012

Expand Your Horizons!!!!!

Today I tried a kickboxing class for the first time and it was SO much fun!!! Usually I feel so awkward going into a class for the first time, alone, when I have no CLUE on what to do! Of course it's intimidating, but I found that there were several first-timers (like half the class), and it is not about knowing what you're doing- it's about getting in a GREAT workout! Boy oh boy did I have fun.

First of all, it was hilarious to see myself in boxing gloves.
Second of all, it was even more hilarious to watch myself kick and punch a bag bigger than I am (and it was a blast).
Third of all, the instructor was cute. Makes you work harder!
Fourth, he told me my legs were jacked. First time I've ever heard that!!.........

But seriously, I got in such a great workout. I am SUCH a believer in workout classes because it is a great way to switch up the routine and avoid boredom. I honestly didn't even feel like I was working out tonight because my mind was so focused on learning everything! Little did I know that I was dripping sweat!

Moral of the story: switch up your same-ole gym routine and try something new! It is impossible to be a professional at everything you try, so step into that Kickboxing class or hit the pavement for your first run. I am so glad I took that hesitant step into the kickboxing class. It wasn't so bad and I found something I really enjoy!

Even if you don't have a gym membership, there are many gyms that offer classes for only $10! So check out your local gyms and have fun!!!!!!

That's all for today! Time to go rest my arms... :)


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  1. bull that is not the first time you have heard your legs are jacked :) heheh I Love your posts:) makes me wanna go run. you are awesome Morgan Berg, keep up the great work! <3