Monday, April 9, 2012

The Power of a Great Workout

Today, I was feeling extra lazy. After a long weekend of cramming for my nursing exam, I just needed a day to myself... To do absolutely nothing. On the other hand, I have been so excited to train for Miss Massachusetts that I thought it would be the perfect day to have a great workout at the gym. Well, that only lasted 10 minutes.

So, I decided to sit on my butt for the duration of the day since I had "so much to do!" This included re-painting my toes, listening to all of my new iTunes music, wasting time on Facebook, day dreaming about chocolate, and procrastinating on the homework I have due at the end of the week. Clearly, I was "too busy" to get in a good workout.

Ummm, worst excuse EVER!

I found myself making every excuse in the book to avoid the gym, which is exactly what I am trying to inspire people NOT to do! (but, don't forget, it is always good to take a day off from the gym). With all of the awesome new music I had on my iPod and all of the thoughts running around in my head, I knew it was the perfect recipe for a great run.

So, I laced up my running shoes and had THEE best run EVER. I was truly reminded how incredible it feels to clear my mind, resolve all the stresses in my life, and get my heart pumping.... I went for 5 miles! Exercising is the most effective way to relieve stress, and it sure was the trick for me today! I only took 2 days off of running, and after my run today, I never want to stop. It amazes me how powerful a workout can be and how much better it can make you feel!

Moral of the story: if you're in a slump where you just can't get yourself to workout anymore, give it one more shot :) If you're bored, try something new, or ask a friend to go for a walk! You will be rewarded with that awesome post-workout feeling, or what some may call the "runner's high"! So what are you waiting for?

No more excuses!
Morgan :)

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