Friday, November 23, 2012

Avoid the Holiday Bulk-Up!

Ahhh, it is finally the best time of the year! Wow, how time flies. While I 'm sure everyone can't wait for the the cozy sweaters, Christmas baking, candles, lights, and happy music, it is crucial to not completely abandon the workout and dieting routine you have finally perfected!

Here are a few little tips to avoid the holiday "bulk-up":

Remember to keep your portions small! You don't need to avoid all of the delicious appetizers and cookies that make Christmas so wonderful, but do remember to enjoy them in moderation! If you know you are going to a holiday event on Saturday, save that day for your cheat meal. Using a small plate can be helpful (rather than hovering over the food and inhaling the entire thing before you even realize it).

If you can't make it to the gym, make time for an in-home workout! In fact, last year my amazing sister Paige bought me a kettlebell and workout book for a gift, which has been put to great use this year! Buy yourself a little Christmas gift: kettlebells, workout videos, yoga mat, or even a cute new workout outfit- anything that will motivate to stay fit during the colder months. For some reason a new workout tank gets me SO excited to exercise (must be a girl thing?) so treat yourself! And why not give a "healthy" gift to your loved ones? Maintaining your workout regimen will greatly benefit you, especially if you're indulging :)
why WOULDN'T you want to workout when you have these?
If you are cooking, opt for some healthier options! Instead of high-calorie dips and appetizers, bring a colorful vegetable plate, a colorful dip with pretzels, cute sliced-fruit desserts, or why not my delicious sweet potato recipe? Avoid cream-cheese dips (even though they are incredibly delicious)
fruit kabob- healthier alternative
New Year's Resolutions. Why not start them now? A gym membership or setting a new goal can be the perfect fuel to kick off the new year healthier than you ever have before, but why wait until January 1st? A healthy lifestyle is a DAILY routine, not an on/off habit. If you want to see results, you must dedicate yourself every single day.

Drink lots of water! Holiday drinks and celebrations can quickly add excessive calories to your intake, so be aware, and try to replace as much soda/juice/alcohol with water! 
how perfect is this?
Most importantly, enjoy your loved ones, and keep your body happy by staying healthy!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! (soooo happy I can finally start saying that!)


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