Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Importance of Emotional Health- In Loving Memory of Kaitlin Marie Augusta Beske

When you think about health and fitness what is the first thing that comes to mind? Naturally, I picture exercising, people at the gym, and dieting. However, "fitness" is comprised of not only physical health, but emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health. These are important aspects that are often forgotten about. While I know this is a very different post for me, its been weighing on my heart that I should share HOW important emotional health and concussion awareness is.

This is dedicated to my best friend of 20 years, my gorgeous and radiant angel now in Heaven, and our "quadruplet". 
Kaitlin Marie Augusta Beske
Incredible photo by Ashley Lemke
The story all began when Kaitlin and I were 2 years old. Somehow my parents picked the perfect neighborhood, Jupiter Way, for us to build a house and grow up in. To our luck, we were blessed with the Beske family living down the street- little did we know the incredible impact Cindy, Chuck, Kaitlin, and Andrew would have on our lives! Kaitlin quickly became our favorite neighbor, our best friend, and shortly after, our "quadruplet". (If anyone reading didn't already know, I am a triplet with my sisters Paige and Lauren. Kaitlin became one of us!).
Quadruplet Stuffed Animal Slumber Party :)
Our days consisted of running back and forth between our neighboring houses, playing with baby dolls, Barbies, and stuffed animals for hours on end, and sharing WAY too many giggles. Kaitlin grew to be the very first friend and best friend I've ever had. Our bond was unbreakable.
Luckily for us, our friendship was not limited to our younger years as many friendships turn out. Despite my family's brief move to Texas in second grade, Kaitlin and I wrote back and forth to each other and maintained our adorable 8-year-old friendships through letters. One year later when my family was fortunate enough to move back to Minnesota and into our SAME house on Jupiter Way, Kaitlin and I were ecstatic! I'm pretty sure my sisters and I went to the Beske's house before starting to move back into ours. :)
Limited Too matching plaid pants... yup.
We were inseparable. Our friendship flourished through junior high school as we both made the "Starliners" which was the Lakeville Junior High Dance Team, started our own daycamp for young girls called "Dance, Fun, and More", and watched Bruce Almighty way too many times. I won't dare post all of those embarrassing pictures!
Beske front and center :)
love you Kait.

As time quickly passed, we spent endless hours together on the Varsity Cougar Dance Team in high school, on weekends at competitions, and on weeknights when we needed a "lazy movie night with cookie dough." Like I said, Kaitlin was like our sister.
so many incredible memories!
best-friend Henna tattoos :)
Before we knew it, we were graduating high school. Kaitlin would be attending Bethel University in Minnesota, and while I initially attended Winona State University in Minnesota, I had plans to transfer to the new and exciting city of Boston. (But not before the Bergs and Beskes took our amazing senior spring break trip to Cancun!)
Cancun 2009: Quadruplets :)
My sisters and I were so lucky to have Kaitlin as a part of our family..... and for us to be accepted into the Beske family as if we were one of their own!

Although 1,000 miles seperated us once I moved to Boston, Kaitlin remained my best friend. My future bridesmaid and lifelong sister. I am so blessed to have made incredible memories with her when I was home at the end of August this year. Kaitlin, Paige, Cindy, and I went to the Twin's game (my first time at the new stadium) and had way too much fun.
I will forever cherish these pictures.
already looking like a real-life angel :)
Unfortunately over the next few months, Kaitlin encountered a few concussions causing head trauma. Due to complications and a few months of struggling, this head trauma resulted in Kaitlin taking her life. I will never forget the phone call I received from my sister late at night on October 21st. How could the happiest, most bubbly, vivacious, faithful, and incredible friend have felt so helpless?

While we cannot spend the rest of our lives questioning how such an incident could have occurred, we can cherish the incredible memories Kaitlin shared with us. We can also realize how important emotional health is in our own lives! And this was the point of my post. It is my hope that whoever is reading this knows that life is so precious. You are SO cherished here on Earth, and if you are ever feeling down, please at least know that I am here to listen! I am 100% confident that Kaitlin felt loved, but she was not the same after her concussions. This brings up another point: take care of yourself while exercising, and if you encounter an injury, make sure you and your family are aware of the symptoms, just as the Beskes were. While we can't bring Kaitlin back, we can educate others to be aware of the dangers concussions can bring, and live in her memory!
Quads Fo Life <3
While Kaitlin may not be physically present on Earth anymore, I can feel her around me every day. Her positive spirit, contagious laugh, and pearly smile could brighten any room. It is my hope that everyone reading this takes time to evaluate their health and well-being after reading this. Life is too short.
Rest in Peace my beautiful angel. Prepared to live each day to the fullest for you every day forward! You will never be forgotten Kaitlin.

Thanks for letting me share,


  1. Beautifully written. This is incredible. I love you so much. Sending you lots of hugs!

  2. She loves this, I just know it! All the pictures, the story of your sisterhood and taking the time to share how important mental health is; I feel as though this is something she has been wanting us all to hear, and now she's used you to say it.

    Thanks for sharing Morgan, you got a good cry out of me, but it was perfect.

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