Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY CrossFit Workout

As I mentioned in my last post, it is time for a CrossFit workout... and YES, you can do it on your own! I'm about to show you how. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend 2 CrossFit classes as you may have seen on my blog! I got SO much out of this (best workouts of my life) that I decided to take pictures of the whiteboard where the workout is listed... and I have been doing them on my own.
This workout is divided into groups of 4, with a warm up to begin. Before you get started, I suggest setting up all 4 of your stations. This will prevent you from having to interrupt your workout between each set.

You will need:
-jump rope              -dumbbells                       -10lb. plate
-25lb. plate              -TRX ropes or yoga ball   -pull up bar
-box to jump on      -10lb medicine ball           -MOTIVATION

Grab dumbbells according to your fitness level- I am not a huge, buff, muscle machine so I chose 12-15 pounds. You'll be using these for bicep curls, so plan accordingly. "Plates" are the round weights you'd typically put on bars. Use a higher weight if you're more advanced; same goes for the medicine ball!  Most of this can be found in the "studio" of your gym. I honestly gathered all of this stuff from throughout the weight room in my own corner (don't be ashamed... there are plenty of weights to go around, and you're about to dominate. so who cares) to facilitate my workout!
everything you need!
After you have your supplies, you are ready to go! This is how the workout goes: You will repeat each exercise group as many times you can within 9 MINUTES. Set a timer for 9 minutes and repeat the circuit until the timer goes off (timers can be found on your iPod, iPhone, stop watch). It is tough, but allow yourself a few minutes between each set to breatheeee. I'm about to demo/explain each exercise for you. Here we go!

Run 2 Laps (400m total)
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
10 squats
***Repeat this 4 times***

Alternative to running 2 "laps": run for 1-2 minutes on the treadmill, jumping jacks, high knees, anything to get your heart pumping.
Now begin your 9-Minute rotations:

50 jump ropes
9 Dumbbell Squat Curls
9 & 9 Plate Chops
DB Squat Curls:  1. Squat    2. Bicep curl.  Simple!
Plate Chop: 1. Squat with 10lb. plate on one side
Plate Chop: 2. Stand and 'chop' across body. 
9 Plate chops on EACH side. 18 total. After you have finished the jump rope, DB squat curls, and 18 plate chops.... REPEAT all until the timer goes off. Let the sweat begin. After that timer goes off, breathe, and reset it for Group B!

5 Clapping Push-Ups
9 TRX Rows
9 TRX Atomic Push-Ups
9 Box Jumps
My clapping push-ups turned into normal push-ups after the first round. Don't let yourself stop, if you can't handle it all, modify the workout so that you can! Since I didn't have TRX ropes, I did the "rows" as standing wall push-ups, and used a ball for the atomic push-ups, as shown below.
Atomic Push-Ups: 1. Steady feet on the ball
Atomic Push-Ups: 2. Do a Push-Up
Atomic Push-Ups: 3. Raise your rear as high in the air as you can! Feel the burn in your core!
Complete the circuit with 9 Box Jumps- simply jump up and down on the box 9 times. Repeat all four exercises until your 9-Minute timer goes off!
5 Medicine Ball Volcanos
9 Medicine Ball Burpees
9 & 9 Lateral Lunges
9 Medicine Ball Push-Ups
Volcano: 1. Sit with medicine ball, lean back to lay on ground
Volcano: 2. Bring medicine ball overhead.
Volcano: 3. Sit back up, prepare to stand. Crossing your feet helps!
Volcano: 4. Stand with medicine ball overhead. Sit back down to repeat
 Medicine Ball Burpees:
MB Burpees: 1. Jump with MB overhead
MB Burpees: Complete Burpee as you normally would
Lateral Lunges: Lunge to each side 9 times with Medicine Ball
Lateral Lunges: 9 on each side
And lastly, Medicine Ball Push-Ups... (on the ball... ouch)
MB Push-Ups: 1. Steady yourself on the ball
MB Push-Ups: 2. Push-Up.... Hate these.
YAY! Repeat that until your 9 minutes is up. ONLY ONE CIRCUIT LEFT!!!

Bear Crawl
30 Overhead Plate Lunges
9 Pull-Ups
Bear Crawl up and down the studio or weight room.. whatever you prefer! The plate lunges are demonstrated below, and the pull-ups can be done with assistance. I'll be the first to admit I cannot do a pull-up (yet) so I use the pull-up machine where you can have weighted-assistance. At CrossFit, we used extra thick "rubber-bands" to help us.
Overhead Plate Lunges: Keep the 25lb. plate overhead, alternate legs
Repeat for 9 minutes........ AND YOU ARE DONE!! Toughest 36 minute workout ever? I think yes... but just wait for the next CrossFit workout I post! If you truly plan to attempt this at the gym, I commend you. After all, I wouldn't have spent time coercing my bestie Lisa into taking awkward pictures of me if I didn't hope that at least ONE person would try this! So let me know what you think, PLEASE! I know you can do it.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Check out my Instagram for some daily health motivation: morganberg14

Stay tuned... because I will post the other CrossFit workout eventually! After my delicious-healthy-snack post... SO much to blog about!! :)


  1. look at you...you look great :)

  2. Thank you for sharing!, I will try this and let you know how it goes!

  3. I have never made a corss fit workout, but I like this. Thanks for the info and I AM going to try it today :-)

  4. wanted something to get me started. thanks for this was a great bases!

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