Monday, January 7, 2013

My "New Years" Tidbit

Ahhh, 2013! I cannot believe another new year is upon us. Often, a new year comes with new goals, and while I believe a "resolution" can start at ANY point of the year, why not set another goal or two for yourself now?

If you've already set a resolution, great! After all, since it is already January 7th, it looks like I'm the one 'late' about posting this blog! We all know the famous "gym" resolution where people dedicate themselves to the gym.... only to find themselves spending their gym hours on the couch one week later.

One thing I wanted to point out is that health takes a LIFESTYLE! As I've said before, health is not a once-in-a-while habit. It takes daily dedication. As I say:

"A healthy lifestyle is not switching one burger for one salad per week. It is the opposite! All of your meals should be nutritious, while only one meal per week should be unhealthy."

This is pretty tough to follow, and can be pretty drastic for most! I suggest taking small steps to accomplish this healthy lifestyle. (Read my older posts for more advice!) Start by cutting out unhealthy beverages, aiming to increase water intake, and switching an unhealthy snack for fruits and vegetables. Next, go "brown" by switching all of the grains you eat to be whole wheat! Motivate yourself to diminish your sweet tooth (this was so tough for me) and pick a special day to indulge once a week. Never skip breakfast, and don't begin your day with just pure sugar! Aim for more filling foods- protein, eggs, unflavored oatmeal, fiber, fruits, you name it. Shoot to have protein incorporated into every meal, lessen the amount of processed foods you eat, and try not to eat right before bed! Substitute anything "fried" for "grilled", cut out those chips and candy bars, I could go on forever! If you're really interested in tracking your progress, check out the iPhone App "My Fitness Pal" which is also featured in a previous blog post! And please remember.... eating is SO important! Your body needs nutrients (especially to fuel all of your tough workouts) so starving yourself is never the answer. Your body will love those healthy foods!

Well, maybe I didn't make that sound so easy. But remember, take it ONE step at a time! Just like you wouldn't plan to get on a treadmill for your first time ever and run 10 miles, you can't expect to make drastic diet changes all at once. Get your body used to your healthy lifestyle little by little. This doesn't require expensive diet plans, trainers, nutritionists, etc. It requires pure motivation and I KNOW you can do it! Most importantly, don't give up. Your body will feel so amazing :)

While I mentioned treadmills, don't forget that exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle! Diet and exercise go hand in hand! Find something you enjoy. It is a new year, so why not try something new?

All in all, kick this new year off RIGHT! It is never too late to start a healthy regimen, and this blog is full of my little tips and advice to help you through it. I have definitely set some ambitious goals for myself this year, so I'll be right on this journey with you! Aim high, get excited, and motivate yourself.

Ready, Set, Get Started! LETS DO THIS!

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